Geoffrey Deacon Training's 

Annual Grand National Tipping Competition

put your selections to the test!

Pick three horses in the Grand National field, fill in our form below and hand in with a payment of £2.00 


Points will be awarded as below, the person with the most points will be judged the winner


Cost: £2.00 per entry. As many entries as you wish

Prizes: Winner takes the £ pot, plus a case of West Berkshire Brewery beer
A three-bottle WBB gift pack for second, and WBB's Renegade four-pack for third.


(In the event of a points tie for first place, the £ pot will be divided equally)


POINTS SCHEME: if your selected horses finish in any of the positions below:

1st: 10 points

2nd: 8 points

3rd: 5 points

4th: 3 points

Completion: 1 point

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